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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
except really, I don't understand why anyone who isn't playing contact at a high level in Minor/Jr or isn't a pro would rock pro level gear

if there isn't hitting, there isn't a need for Jofa 7,8,9,11k, TotalOne, X:60, S19/EQ50 protective gear (well I could see the totaONE's pants... as they're fricken light, but ****, they're like $200)

in fact, i've seen more people hurt from "newb's" monster pads hitting people in the face while they chicken wing while trying to loose a puck near their feet on the boards with their 10foot long sticks
So? What difference does it make if someone has 3k shins or 11k shins? Is it really that big a deal?

Perhaps Jofa didn't do so hot back in the day because people were going around telling other people that only pros should use it.

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