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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
I do subscribe to the college system, it provides older players.. That said they still lack professional experience.. Cam is on my potential list.
True, but the learning curve is still there. I'm trying to think of someone right out of college who's made an impact in his first two years, and I'm having a tough time doing it....plenty of guys who did nothing though. I do remember Peter Sejna winning the Hobey Baker and then playing the next day with the Blues (and scoring his first goal). He ended up with 7 career NHL goals.

There have been several just in the last three or four years who were supposed to make an immediate impact. I can think of Matt Gilroy off the top of my head; he came in as a 25-year-old and has made zero impact in the NHL. And everyone wanted him.

I don't like the college route on a regular basis because it reminds me of the baseball's old Bonus Baby rule. The quick version of that rule was that if a player was signed to a contract with a bonus in excess of a certain amount, he was required to be on the team's 40-man roster for two full seasons before he could be sent down. If that wasn't followed, the player went on waivers and his contract was voided. Rather than making teams be judicious with who bonuses were going to, it meant that the smaller teams were forced to take on the Bonus Babies just to stay competitive...and then their hands were tied because of the terms of it. Only four of those players, by the way, became HOFers, but plenty who may have ended up there fell well short because they were playing MLB ball (or not playing at all) well before they were ready to do so.

A college free agent can dictate terms. He can not only dictate salary, but also an NTC/NMC, he can demand a one-way contract, he can do whatever he wants. And if a team wants his services and won't offer that, then someone will. Then it's a case of determining whether or not he's actually worth it. It's also like the draft; if you don't get him when you have the chance, you don't get him forever. Is it worth passing on someone because you won't give him a one-way contract, knowing that someone else may get an All-Star that you had in your back pocket over something relatively minor?

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