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03-23-2012, 08:11 PM
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Using a treadmill to practice crossovers?

Back when I was speedskating, we would practice off-ice crossovers either by using a hill and going up sideways, or using a cable and having a partner pull on it to mimic the centrifugal force. I also used the treadmill from time to time - crank up the incline, go nice and slow, turn sideways and really lean the hip into it before bringing the other foot around.

Is this something that would be helpful for hockey-style crossovers as well? The leg extension doesn't seem to be nearly as deep but I'm thinking the concept might be close enough that it could still help. At the very least, it would get that feeling of foot over foot. Crossovers were always the hardest thing for me and it took forever to get them. I was pretty good going counter-clockwise but clockwise is not something I ever had to do.

I did work on some crossover drills on the ice today - just going across the blue line, crossing right over left and then going the other way. I even did a few while skating. I can tell that the muscle memory is there, it just needs to be reactivated and I have to adjust a bit to having all of the padding and a little less blade to work with.

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