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02-17-2006, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
i didn't think Nieds should go either (posted this prior to and was happy after he decided not to go... you can go look it up in threads if you have the time) and, wow, he's not a Flyer!
I'd be interested to see what you wrote. Please give me the link.

In any case it's rather pointless to say now that this is about contractual obligation when you've already written what you wrote about your feelings toward the Olympics.

Originally Posted by Jester
what responsibility does Forsberg have in this decision? what responsibility does ANY NHL player have in this decision? playing in the Olympics is a selfish desire of the NHLPA, more to the point it's a selfish desire of a small % of elite players within the NHLPA. that's fine. they negotiated it, they went. these players have G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E-D (it's soooo cool how words get big and long when you do that) contracts that exist under a salary cap. these guys can go over there, get their legs chopped off in a freak zamboni accident and they will still get paid.

zero liability for the players in the Olympics. they're getting NHL pay and have negotiated a gravy topping to the season for the small number that get to go.
Excellent! So we agree that all parties concerned played a role in this outcome: the NHLPA who successfully got this in the CBA; the league that allowed it into the CBA; Forsberg who made the decision to go; and the Flyers who made the decision to sign Forsberg.

I'm perfectly content with that answer. You are the one who is completely unwilling to allocate any responsibility anywhere but on Forsberg. That won't do.

Originally Posted by Jester
i'm talking about contractual obligation and some sense of responsibility towards an employer that gives you a massive reward
Indeed. And I'm talking about a contractual obligation and some sense of responsibility toward a customer that gives you a massive reward.

Originally Posted by Jester
when you're getting paid 5+ Million dollars to play hockey for someone and you're injured, you give up the right to risk injury in a tournament that has ZERO benefit for your employer.
No, you don't give up that right. As you stated above, the league agreed to that right. The Flyers supported the right when they signed on to the CBA and they further supported it when they signed one of the "small % of elite players" who would be invited.

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