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03-23-2012, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
Well how about this fact, this team is 46-21-7 in its last 74 games. We've hit a bit of a rough stretch. It happens.
Here's why I dont think its just a rough stretch....the weaknesses we see in this team's game now are the weaknesses we saw in this team prior to the start of the season. Let me ask you this; what were your expectations of this team this year? what did you feel were their weaknesses?

I saw them as a team that was probably somewhere between a 5-8 seed. A team that lacked offensive talent w/a defense with alot of upside but still flawed. Those two things would keep them away from being a top team.

When we were playing so well the first 50-60 games...were you surprised? I know I was. I was surprised and impressed with how the defense was playing, and how good of a mistake free style the team was playing as a whole. Again keyword...SURPRISE. A part of me felt we were playing above our heads, but I admit another part of me got sucked in and was saying "wow, maybe we really are THIS good! if we can keep playing like this, we really are elite!"

Look at the team now....arent the same weaknesses in the team we see now i.e lack of offensive depth, inconsistent defense the same weaknesses we saw in the roster before the season started? IMO it is. This isnt the case of a super talented team thats underachieving or slumping badly. IMO its a case of this team just being what they really are. The mistake free style has dissapeared. We're not outworking teams the way we did early on.

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