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03-23-2012, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by GreenHornet View Post
I understand the odds are next to nothing that we get a third shot (or first REAL shot with competent ownership). I also agree minor-league hockey is better than no hockey.

All I'm saying is that I will NEVER accept that mantra that Atlanta is merely a minor-league market.

You can see me as Sisyphus or some crackpot if you like, but I will NEVER stop advocating Atlanta's case as an NHL market, even if I never live to see us get the fair shot we deserve.

I will not let those (people) at A$G and (Bettman and the BOG who allowed them to destroy us as a market) break me.
I'd like to believe the NHL can work here too because i've seen just how nuts Philips can get(I was at a game against the Sabres in I believe March of the 06-07 season when the Thrashers won in OT and the place erupted). I remember listening to part of game 1 of the playoffs on the radio and hearing just how loud the LETS GO THRASHERS chant was and thinking to myself how I wished I could of been there. That said there would nothing wrong with having 3 major league franchises and 1 strong minor league franchise in hockey. Hell I even think the Knights outdrew the Atlanta Hawks when they both shared the Omni. Either way lets support the Glads and hope maybe an AHL team comes sometime in the near future. Oh another thing is we as fans need to push the Atlanta media into covering the Gladiators, put pressure on 680 or 790 AM to pick up the Glads so their games can reach a bigger audience and thus hopefully attract more people into the arena.

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