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03-23-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well first, a coach comes with a system he likes to play. But to be able to play a system you like, you need the type of players to do so. Now, a guy who comes in in the middle of the season and tries to implement a system, as a rookie, is not always easy. Now, even if you don't like his system, are you actually saying that this system NEVER works and it doesn't matter who tries to implement it? So yes, while we are not on the inside, it is entirely possible that the system in place did not work from time to time based on how the players responded to it.
Precisely. I don't recall any team that had much success since the lockout that used a dump and chase, and a dump it out the board system, with no counter attack/neutral zone strategy. If you have, let me know.

When he took over as coach, he said he didn't want to change the system Martin used. Clearly, he either lied, or didn't even understand Martin's system.

And ya, you can say the coach comes in with a new system and needs the right players. But, isn't it part of the job to know what you have under your hands and ADAPT?..

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
All those benching players....didn't we criticize Martin for doing the exact same thing? Yes, I blame Cunneyworth for that. But then, when Martin was doing the same stupid mistakes, when a guy had suddenly a burst of energy 10 games after, some people came here saying that it was BECAUSE Martin benched him that he was now responding.
Yup, it's not because Martin made the same mistakes that it makes it okay for RC to do them.
I've criticized Martin on his utilization of certain players, and it started really early with S.Kostitsyn.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
In the end, as well, we have the team that we have. I guess that Cunneyworth was not able to make a good team out of this very average team. And while we do believe he sucked this year, I have no idea why we can't apply the same way of thinking with players and coaches. Cunneyworth would have looked at his season in retrospect, would have perfect his system, would have probably asked for a couple of moves to make sure he'd have all of his players agree to it, or would have changed it based on who he has in hands. So, yes, RC didn't adjust this year. He had a whole lot of trouble. Nobody denies it. But I think that you are not giving him a whole lot of chances here. Not that it matters though, he would have to win the Cup to have a chance to stay here. He succeeded in being fired without having to bring out the language issue.
The thing is you seem to think RC is better than what he's shown. I don't. I think the guy is not ready for a NHL job. He's shown no signs of being ready for it as the interim coach. I think he needs to go back down with this new baggage and develop stronger coaching strategies.

Anyways, I don't really know what people are really arguing about anymore. My first response came after someone claimed RC did a good job, which is ridiculous.
Then, from what I understand, some are willing to turn face a little more because he was apparently set up to fail, which I still don't understand because the bad decisions he's made have nothing to do with it.

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