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03-24-2012, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by blue bleeder 24-7 View Post
No one's going to like this suggestion, but I believe it firmly:


It's one of the world's most popular sports. I can name superstar drivers from a lot of countries.

Have them run formula cars similar to F1, and have each country construct the cars using brands from those countries.

Such is my suggestion.
I would love some sort of motorsport involved, my personal preference being either dirt bikes or road racing (MotoGP style), though I have no problem with a F1 sort of deal.

I just can't imagine the IOC doing it, theres a stigma that it should be based purely on "athletic ability" and an engine would tarnish it, at least from their viewpoints. I think we both know that it takes endurance and strength most people just don't comprehend to race, look at motocross, it's like riding a bull for thirty-five minutes and two laps. Sadly, theres a sense of tradition that will always overpower what people would like to see, or is deserving.

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