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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
You weren't aware of it because there was no need to have any since the french and the english DID co-exist. This year, we never had so few local players in the team. And not only that but you add an unilingual coach on top of it. With a lot of management being anglophones as well. Even when Bowman and Co were there, at least you had that representation on the ice. Now, there's no a whole lot of it.

HENCE the sudden awareness that politics plays a role.
WS that's all true. There is nothing more I would like than French GM, French coach and great french players like we used to have.

You are right, I did not have to think about it.

I've said before, the Habs should play a much bigger role in Quebec hockey. They should OWN this place, be it helping leagues, developing talent, and yes, also developing coaching and management talent.

But they don't do that. Until we redevelop our Quebec power base, we have to adapt to a a new league and new times.

I actually don't care about a french coach, because except for rare guys like Bowman, most coaches are glorified cheerleaders anyway.
As for GM, you've got to find the best guy, hopefully french, but possibly english.

It is great french PLAYERS that I want. From Lemieux to Giroux, it pisses me off me that these guys never played for Habs.

Give us 2 or 3 great French players, and I believe that Quebec fans wouldn't care if Margerat Thatcher managed the team, and David Niven coached them.

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