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03-24-2012, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by mahonistan View Post
Not really. The team's problems won't go away simply by adding big named guys via huge contracts and big trades. We've seen the effects of terrible contracts from perennial 60 pt players like Nash with Drury and Gomez. Parise would be nice, but it's unrealistic. I don't see the need to add a huge contract when we are first in the east this year and our young guys will only get better. We can keep the farm and see if it pans out and wait a couple of years until better players hit the market. I am a realist however and I know the Rangers historically have been the type of team to trade young talent and sign players to huge contracts. I just hope they aren't stupid enough to add an overhyped Nash or severely overpay to get Parise out of NJ. If they can get Parise for 5-6 mil in a front loaded deal, fine. However the 8 years 72 mil I've been seeing is crippling. I just wouldn't want to be in a situation where you can't re-sign MDZ, Hagelin, Callahan, McD, Girardi, and Stepan down the line. Call me old fashioned, but based on every hockey dynasty, the way to build a team is through the draft and the farm. Not trades and free agency. The only sport where you can do that is basketball. The Rangers have FAILED with the trade and free agency model. Especially when it comes to overpaying players like Gomez, Drury, Redden, Bure, Lindros, and even older by trading Park and Ratelle for Esposito. That alone may have cost the Rangers a cup or two. I understand the NY mindset is win now worry about it later and that I'm a minority in not wanting to add a huge contract. From my point of view, this team has great chemistry and the pieces they need are already here in the farm. However, I am just a fan and my opinion does not and will not ever matter. Historically speaking though, the stuff you guys are proposing is exactly what has kept the Rangers from winning in the past and doing it again will not bring in a cup.

Examples of this big name fiasco would be
Lindros traded to Philly.
That trade basically sent Phillys farm to Colorado. They used some spare parts in Thibault and draft picks to get Roy (a legend) and those two trades (one a direct result from trading Lindros) won Colorado 2 cups. Lindros was great, but he never won the Flyers the cup. He was overhyped as "the next Wayne Gretzky".

Phil Esposito was traded to the Rangers for Brad Park and Jean Ratelle. The Esposito wanted Ken Hodge so the Rangers traded away Rick Middleton. Had those two trades not happened for big names, we'd have at least another cup.

Bure, Lindros, Kovalev (again), Nedved, Drury, Gomez, Redden, Holik... all acquisitions by the Rangers and we all know how that turned out.

Exceptions are when you can acquire Jagr, Roy, Messier, and Gretzky for almost nothing. But those guys at the times of their acquisitions by their respective teams were amongst the greatest players ever. Other than that, it doesn't really work out. Look at Hossa's and Kovalchuk's contracts. they are not worth their contracts though Kovy is playing better but it took 3 years. How will Parise or Nash be any different? Even Gaborik and Richards were shmeh signings. Richards is locked up for the rest of his career and people complain about him now. Imagine what happens in 4 years when his production really starts to drop.

You guys overvalue these free agents or potential trade targets who really aren't that much different than the ones we have signed or traded for and then watched them flounder in blue. Then we'll be hearing the "why did we trade for Nash" or "why did we sign Parise for 9 years".

I'm just a fan who wants his team to start a dynasty by building from within. If that makes me nuts, I'm cool with it. However, it's worked out pretty damn well for teams in the past and the Rangers have the same tools those other teams had already in their system.

How long will solid players like Stepan and MDZ keep taking minuscule contracts to stay at NYR? MDZ is on pace for 45 points and an above 20 +/-. How long do guys like him and McD say "I'm only worth 2-3 mil?" They can easily leave the NYR if they want to chase more money as NYR will be too bogged down from huge contracts to give them it.


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