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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
I use top end everything on my legs and feet. Pants, shins, skates. Everything up top is mid range at best (well, apart from the helmet), which is a pretty fair reflection on my game.

I like the protection down low. I tend to catch a lot of hacks at my legs, so nice stuff is helpful. Do I need it? No. But it sure is damn nice.
no scorn, just if you aren't a regular skater, and even if you are... chances are that if you're not playing in a high-level league dressing 20 guys, and you'll have more ice time. The heavier, bulkier the gear generally equals out to being more fatigue (sure a better workout, but wouldn't you rather put your energy into your skating, your passing and shooting?)

there is a reason why the sherwood 5030 shoulder pads are perhaps the most popular pad's out there

I'll tell you... right now I'm using my One95' shins as I'm replacing my others, and I can "feel" a huge difference in weight
same goes from going from One15 elbows to One55 elbows, let alone my 9040 Jofa's

to me, skates & gloves are the most important, as they do most of the work... stick as well, but honestly nobody "needs" an RS in beer league... and surprisingly so many beginners spend so much cash on twigs they don't even know how to use.

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