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03-24-2012, 02:25 AM
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What a fascinating thread. One could start believeing that his career is over when reading it.

First of all; Lettīs wait for the doctorīs report befor concluding about how serious this is. The only thing we know for sure is that the rest of the season is over, and at least a couple rounds of post season. Most likely the rest of the whole season.

Mats is a fighter. He has shown that before. When you can handle being sent down to Hartford after 3 games this fall, after being very good at camp, you can handle an injury like this also. He has been out long term before also, with his ankle, many times. Last year he broke his hand in april for the Whale, and came back for camp, fit for fight and did good.

Mats WANTS to be in the NHL. So bad. Not because of the money or anything, but because he wants to play hockey in the best league in the world, and because he believes he belongs there. And he has shown this time that he does. His attitude is very different from his norwegian fellows who didnīt bother fighting for their spot, and took off home again (Holøs, Olimb).

When it comes to him being resigned or not, I canīt see how this injury in any way could effect this, unless the doctor says that his fracture is so complicated that it will never be 100% again. Of course there is a chance that this is could be, in worst case. The wrist is not what you want to break, especially as a hockey player, and especially not his most important hand, the left.

Patrick Kane was out 6-8 weeks with a fractured wrist, and had surgery. Hopefully this is the case for Zuke too.

Best case: Might even be back for Conference Finals if the Rangers make it there.
Worst case: Career ending injury, but I refuse to believe that.

When it comes to shot blocking like this. Is it actually worth it? As someone else said in this thread; the team actually has a goalie. IMO blocking shots at any cost is quite stupid. Sorry, but I think Zukeīs blocking of that shot was totally unnecessary. I wouldnīt question it at all if it was a game 7 in PO or another must win PO game. Or a regular season game fighting for a PO spot. Yes, itīs important for the team to clinch the division and stay in front of Pittsburgh, and even the Presidentīs Trophy to get Home Ice all the way. But the Rangers are still in a hell of a position. But you have to look at the consequenses. Zuccarello has been so good after the call up, and his only mission is to help the team by playing great hockey and to clinch his spot in the line up for good. Thatīs why he doesnīt yield these situations either, but this time the price was high to pay.

IF itīs the clubs policy to block every shot in any case at any cost, they should at least start wearing protection in such important areas of the body.

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