Thread: Post-Game Talk: #74 vs. Buffalo Sabres
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03-24-2012, 04:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain Monglobster View Post
Its easy to jump down Mitchells throat..a guy who has outperformed all expectations...hell there were no expectations. He makes a fluky play and then a bad turnover. Stepan tries a toe-drag at the blueline when one D had already jumped in the rush and loses the puck and leads to a goal, haven't seen one post bashing him.

Mitchell had a bad game. So did Henke. So did half the team.
Except Mitchell routinely holds onto the puck too long and turns the puck over every game. It was bound to cost us a game and it did.

Stepan actually contributes a ton more during the season than Johnny Malkin could ever dream of. Yes, Steps has been bad the last few games but that last turnover really didn't matter as it came when we were down already and pressing.

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