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03-24-2012, 06:12 AM
Ricky Bobby
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Step 1: Realize this team isn't being turned around by next season. It is 2 if not 3 or more years for a rebuild unless they get darn lucky.
Step 2: Identify the type of team identity you want to have. i.e. a hard hitting smash mouth type team, puck possession, etc. and build towards that.
Step 3: Trade Nash. He is the biggest bargaining chip this team has and the damage has already been done by him saying he wants to move on. Unless he does a 180 this franchise needs to turn the page.
Step 4: Quit rushing young players before they are ready
Step 5: Find a platoon goalie like Harding/Montoya and come to camp giving that goalie every opportunity to win the job over Mason
Step 6: Identify the players you want to build around and make everyone else expendable and load up on picks/prospects. Guys like Methot and Umberger are secondary players whose true value might lie in what they can get you in return. If another GM is willing to overpay for them they are gone. (Weiss kept. Horton gone)
Step 7: Try to find great buy low candidates who will still be darn good or young enough to be in their prime years (Campbell, Versteeg)
Step 8: Sign free agents to replace players lost in trades for picks/prospects to buy time so prospects don't need to be rushed (Jovo/Fleish)

Essentially follow the Tallon method of building.

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