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Originally Posted by Subban76 View Post

That's what people mean when they say we drafted terrible under Houle. The GM is responsible for is team of scouts. A bad draft is a GM's responsibility in the end for hiring bad scouts. Houle was the worst. All these big slow bodies from the WHL in the 1st round were terrible...
Houle drafted twice out of the WHL in the first round: Matt Higgins (not particularly slow), and Marcel Hossa (average speed).

It was Serge Savard, in fact, who drafted all the big slow bodies out of the WHL: Terry Ryan, Vallis, Bilodeau and Stevenson.

It was ridiculous and borderline incestuous, in fact. Savard drafted three straight years out of the Seattle Thunderbirds of the WHL:

1989 - Lindsay Vallis - 1st rnd - 13th overall
1990 - Turner Stevenson - 1st rnd - 12th overall
1991 - Brent Bilodeau - 1st rnd - 17th overall

Those are the only selections out of that Seattle franchise by the Canadiens in the team history. However:

1992 - David Wilkie - 1st rnd - 20th overall

He started his WHL career with Vallis, Stevenson and Bilodeau on that same Seattle club in the WHL. So that's 4 years straight, drafting players who started out in the same junior franchise. And all failed to deliver in the NHL (I liked Stevenson, but he was no 1st round pick).

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