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03-24-2012, 01:10 PM
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Skates that don't break down, moisture resistent

It has been very warm lately and I skated a week ago and hung up my skates to dry. Took them out of the bag to play one week later and they were soaked.

I got these Bauer x4.0's about a year ago and they feel like they are already broken down. I am a very good skater that puts a lot of power down and gets very low pulling some serious g's in turns.

I realize the 4.0 might have been too low quality for me.

What is a good high end skate that is:

1. Moisture resistent, I sweat a lot and I cant be re-lacing my skates all the time. It feels like the boot got soft on me.

2. Will last me more than one year. I play up to 3 times in one week and need something that will last for a couple of years with my skating style and sweating lol.

Bauer's fit my feet the best when I was trying them on, will the higher end X.0 series work for me? I was also considering Graf's, but i would like to stay away from reebok; had a pair 3-4 years ago and absolutely DESTROYED the boot. Easton; they just seem crappy..

Is custom an option? I have no problem spending good$ as long as it will be worth it

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