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03-24-2012, 01:40 PM
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Farming. He cares a lot about farming.

Boudreau is more of a lifer. He truly wouldn't be able to do anything's what he does. In his case that's actually probably a problematic level of focus. Intensity without perspective is typically counter-productive. Boudreau was at least more of a thinker in terms of being at least somewhat pragmatic systematically.* For that reason alone I don't think Hunter will end up having staying power here. He'll get stale even sooner I suspect, particularly if there's little inclination to tailor personnel to his vision. At least in interactions with the media, Hunter comes across as a walking old school cliche.

Were he truly all-in wouldn't he have demanded more than a trial one-year contract initially?

* This is no endorsement of him not being fired.

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