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03-24-2012, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Jussi Trollinen View Post
My buddy is convinced that there is a conspiracy going on. 3 season's in a row a Canadian team lost to a team from the South. TBL > CGY, CAR > EDM & ANA > OTT. He's also the kind of guy who gets pissy if you call it a jersey and not a sweater, or if you refer to a dressing room as a locker room. So I intentionally bug him by calling intermissions half times and such not.

My favorite is bringing people up short when they realise I know just as much, if not more about hockey than they do. Also I love wearing my Adam Deadmarsh USA jersey. I hope that's still a sore spot for most Canadians lol

I just find it endlessly amusing that most Canadians have this weird opinion (no idea where it came from) that American's are ignorant to matters outside their country and generally uneducated. Yet Canadians are just as bad if not worse. Case in point, your palm tree story.

Some guy in my bar the other day asked me where I went to University and I said "East Carolina" his response? "Is there 51 States now? Did North or South Carolina split?"
And when I was in Florida last week, it seemed like a majority of license plates were from Ontario. America is such a terrible place.

Nice going on the Adam Deadmarsh sweater, btw. I was a huge Deadmarsh fan, as well as Chris Drury.

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