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Originally Posted by Bipolar View Post
That also explains why Vancouver is so overrated in the game
I've hated mechanically what Vancouver has done to the game. Skating, especially turning, has a jerky feel to it. Not smooth or even very responsive at times. Power passing is great idea in theory, but its poorly executed. Passes are difficult to aim(probably due to the jerkiness of skating). Plus its really annoying with Be a Pro, because most on-line players never take the time to learn how to properly pass(I swear at least 85 percent of them probably don't even know there is a cancel button).

Also, whoever has coded the AI, should never work on sports game ever again. In 12, the AI on the transition is so bad its not even funny. Forwards cherry picking in the neutral zone(sometimes all three), clogging the middle, or not even bothering to support the puck along the half wall(which requires my Dman to skate the puck out of the zone way more than he should).

Not to mention the offensive zone positioning is poor as well, they never skate to the gaps or support the puck. They also set up screens WAY too much and at the worst possible times.

The Defense leaves huge gaps on Rush plays.

I could go on and on.

At least when Montreal worked on it, the game had a good sense of flow even with some of the cheesy glitch goals.

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