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Originally Posted by itscameron View Post
I'm staring my ball hockey season in 2 weeks and am considering buying new gloves for it. I have my ice hockey gloves, but I'm looking for something less chunky and unnecessarily large. I want a light, flexible pair that are suitable for ball hockey, which requires minimal protection of your hands.

A while ago, I bought these Eagle ball hockey gloves at Canadian Tire, but they are pretty shoddy and don't feel comfortable at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other ball hockey gloves? Or, should I just stick with my ice hockey gloves?

Unless you're playing with a bunch of hack wizards, go sans gloves. 25 years of road hockey without mitts and i've never been seriously wounded. I like the added grip on the stick that the bare hand gives you compared to gloves. I always thought dudes wearing hockey gloves were sorta ***** anyway, but that's the street game compared to some sort of organized thing.

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