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11-17-2003, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Foppa_Rules
I think he is kind of disgusting. Overconfident, ect. Besides, he's Ovechkin's rival.
How is he Ovechkin's rival? Unless you mean on an international level, then sure, I guess. They aren't even in the same draft, so their is no rivalry there. Most people think, at worst, that they are close to equal. I don't understand why Ovechkin "has to be better then Crosby". Crosby and Ovechkin both had to work really hard to get where they are, neither has had it easy. If it was easy, then we would be seeing more young phenoms like them coming into the league. Instead, since Lemieux we're stuck with only Lindros, Daigle, and Kovalchuk for players that were touted to become true superstars. I think all we have to hope is neither go down the Daigle road and they both avoid injuries. Shouldn't we all be hoping they both succeed and flourish? I sure know I liked watching my team play against the recent year Red Wings more then the '95 Senators. Why? It's more fun to watch a talented team then a bad team. We should be wanting all the players to reach their potential, because I'm sure most people in the league are enjoying Kovalchuk being a scoring machine, just like most of us will enjoy Ovechkin or Crosby doing the same in a couple years.

Everything points away from Crosby being the type of person you've hinted at. If he was all those things you said, he wouldn't be as well liked, and he likely wouldn't be where he is today.

No reason to attack another player to bring "your" player up. It doesn't work like that, and in fact often has the opposite affect.

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