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Originally Posted by Freaky Styley View Post
Not really sure where to post this question, but thought this would be the best place. First of all, it is my dream to become a Pro Scout in the National Hockey League and I am taking necessary steps to get involved in the business in any aspect. However, I am graduating this year, and like any young person graduating university, I have the travel itch. I was traveling through Western Europe last summer and just wanted to stay there and see more. My question is, where would be the best place to begin scouting in Europe? The obvious answer would be the SEL or DEL I assume, but what is the league hierarchy in the hockey hot-beds of Europe, and are there opportunities available? I am not expecting pay but only opportunities and openness. I know there are countries with emerging hockey talent like Switzerland and Denmark, but do these players all go to the elite leagues? Any help would be tremendous as I have little knowledge of the European hockey scene.
I don't know if europe is a good place to start since the hockey scene here is pretty different from north america. I don't think you'd have a chance to land a scouting job here. Most scouts, at least in Sweden, are proffessionals and there is a lot of knowledge going into finding a young gem in a desolate ice rink somewhere.

My best advice would be offering your services scouting the american college leagues on behalf of a europan club since that seems to be a place where more and more gem imports come from and is a place where some teams don't have the funds to send scouts.

Good luck.

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