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02-18-2006, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by DayWalk3r
What's the difference? If Flyers would have a game on Friday/Saturday and there was no Olympics.. Forsberg would likely play that game, if he felt 100%.
get this straight, He's NOT gonna play in the olympics if he's not 100%.
And what about Pronger then? He has a cracked bone in his right foot.. and is way more hurt then Forsberg is, and you calling him a national hero and so on because he's playing in the olympics, But when a Swedish player like Forsberg is going to Turin and try to win a medal in his final chance to bring something big home to Sweden you calling it selfish, and unrespectful, not being loyal etc etc.

Forsberg does not give a ***** about the money, he's not a greedy guy, he loves the game and winning means more than any penny in the world to him.
Flyers are nothing without Forsberg, I'll bet my a*s that the Flyers would be fighting for a playoff spot without Forsberg in the lineup.

I've been a Flyers fan since '92, and I allways loved to be a Flyer.. and I jumped up and down when I heard Forsberg signed with the Flyers this year, It was in fact the best day in my life. I have met Peter in person, and he is the most down to earth guy I ever met. and when im reading all the **** you guy's give to Forsberg these day's.. I feel ashame to call myself a Flyers fan. You should support the guy instead of being whiny selfish as*ess.

You guys make me sick!
You're a moron. If anyone is "selfish" it's a guy who turns his back on an organization who pays him millions just so he can play in the olympics. I'm with pretty much everyone else on this side, if he IS 100% and gets injured, so be it, but there is no way he's 100% and if he reinjures himself, HE IS SELFISH. Flyers fans aren't selfish because they want their ****ing players to play healthy for their team. It's their job.

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