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02-18-2006, 03:15 PM
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As is said in this forum.. he will never again be 100%. This is undisputable fact. He have played far too aggressive hockey to be 100%. (he dosent even have his spleen anymore )

Then lets think about his game today. He played in forth line. Not that many minutes.. not even in powerplay. So his landing to hockey was pretty mild. Thats very responcible of Swedish national team.
While in game he played (he said it himself to an interview..) 100% in the beginning but after like 5-0 or 6-0 he didnt play 100% anymore. He knows his obligations to flyers. Here i also want to say that Forsberg is superior player... he was able to make (first assist to both) both of his CHECKING line attackers to make a goal. Other goal was extremely nice pass.. simply world class... And this he made after being almost 1 month without playing. This happened in the first half of the game.. this is so called NORMAL FORSBERG. Then you can also conclude that he is playing on his so called normal standard level. If so then he is entitled to do decision to play.

After this game he said that he feels great. No problems at all. He would not say this without a reason. Not to national media. So why do you criticise player of making decision to represent for his country (one of his superiorly high priorities).

He also said to media (this all might not like) if philadelphia considers his actions unjustified he does understand if philadelphia wants to fire him. He said he is so old that such decision would not affect him that greatly. This is a hard but justified comment.
He have played only LITTLE time for philadelphia. He chose Philadelphia! He have once refused to take money while injured (when in colorado) and i have NO DOUBT after this comment that he will do it again if this decision will cause injury. You should be happy to have him in your team. It is a disgrace after his comments and previous behavior to be too harsh against him.

I can understand some frustration and such becouse i am one of those flyers fans who does not belive that flyers can this year win Stanley cup without Forsberg. I am anyway confident (becouse of his strong comments and commitment) that he will be able to play in the playoffs.. if it is just humanly possible. And every flyers fan will love him after that. Not only for a year.. he will be remembered.. just watch the playoffs and then lets talk again..

Lets go Olympics and LETS GO FLYERS!

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