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02-18-2006, 05:04 PM
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As i tried to really strongly say.. i dont think your insights are wrong.. still i would prefer to keep this conversation public.

I will send new piece of media conversation Forsberg had. This is in Swedish but i will paste it so it will be more reliable. I do not say anything without strong backup.

This is part of Swedish media conversation released around 30 minutes ago..

Foppas kupp: smygtränade
- Jag tränade när alla fotografer låg och sov
Peter Forsberg lurade alla inför det stora
"OS-testet" i går.
Han hade redan haft en hemlig smygträning rekordtidigt på torsdagsmorgonen - och visste att ljumsken höll.
- Ja, jag tränade redan klockan åtta på morgonen, då alla fotografer låg och sov. Det kändes bra i ljumsken då också, säger han.
Han visste alltså ett dygn före alla andra och resten av landslagsledningen höll masken.
- Ja, jag väntade kanske till och med en dag för länge med att börja träna för fullt, säger Foppa.
- Ljumsken var nog helt läkt redan för ett par dagar sedan. Men jag ville ha de här extra dagarna för att vara absolut säker på att allt verkligen var hundra procent.
Men när han gick på isen i går inför världens alla blickar, så visste han själv vad han skulle svara efteråt.
- Jag spelar redan mot Lettland. Det är absolut ingen fara. Ljumsken känns bra rakt igenom och jag tror inte det finns någon risk att jag ska slå upp skadan igen.

My part starts again..

i will not translate this.. as i belive some with more energy will do it. I will Only make general conclusions wich backups my arguments..
Main points of Forsberg:

I did train at the time when none of the media was awaken. I did train and i felt good. I knew it would feel good later as well. It felt really good.... as he even said.. there is no risk.. i will play against Latvia. This he did 2 days ago.

He even said.. This injury was fully healen but i wanted to take these few games away.. now IS THAT RESPECT TOWARDS FLYERS or not? again i can only be suprised of some fans.. Where is your belife and your respect agaist one of the best players ever lay his foot on ice. Do you really know what you are speaking of? This is definately not criticism against king who have been rational. This is criticism agaist some of fans who does not understand greatness of Peter Forsberg. He is exceptional.. not only in his game.. but in his lojalty.. he NEVER forgot philadelphia.. He made many precations for that. He did speak with our owner and coach.. etc.. How can you really after all this information criticise him.
He have played ONE HALF YEAR for you.. and he have showed alot of respect and lojalty with only this.. then think about his lojalty for his country.. its NOT A EASY thing for anyone to do these decisions but he have again.. and i want to point out AGAIN (whatever its Philadelphia or colorado or Sweden OR MODO) he has some major amout of lojalty. He is definately worth that 5 million. He plays if its humanly possible for the flyers.. he did choose philadelphia.. he must love philadelphia.. please fans.. dont disapoint him. He is a singular special effect to contribute for philadelphia to win stanley cup.. Please after all this i have directly from his comments said to you... UNDERSTAND.. please. Lets forget hatered.... he CAN DO IT.. Isint that enough?

And again.. remember King.. this is in no way criticism against you or direct support agaist one who disagreed with you. This is my analyse. I just felt obligated to say something..

Im from Finland.. i would do ANYTHING to get Forsberg play in Finland.. I would do ANYTHING to get Forsberg to play in ANY team there is possible to be done on this small tiny place called tellus.

And once again.. lets enjoy Olympics and Flyers will go all the way

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