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03-25-2012, 04:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Hull Fan View Post
There's no guarantee he'd make the difference, certainly no way to tell how he acclimates to the speed of the nhl, his linemates or the defensive side of the game. If he struggles and slides to the 4th line or Gultzan scratches him because he's not one of the guys who's gotten them this far it's pointless.

He's not the difference between this team making the WCF or not and that versus burning a year for a maybe means they shouldn't do it. He's a bright part of their future assuming he continues as he has this year. One good 2nd half of college hockey does not a star make nor is he going to single-handedly get them in. It's a big bet for questionable odds. I can't believe G is even remotely seriously entertaining this notion.
You don't know this.

My whole position is centered around the fact that with the parity in the league and all of these goddamned 3 point games going around like an epidemic that the league is only going to continue to be more tightly packed as far as the playoff race is concerned. This being the case it means that you have to start balancing things a little differently. There can't be any more promise of doing everything the slow and methodical way, banking on the current crop of prospects to turn the NHL team into something drastically better than it currently is. If burning one year on one player's ELC years then in the big scheme of things it's not a monster gamble at all.

More to the point about this specific player; every scout and knowledgeable hockey person who has seen him play says that his defensive game is great. Given that his offensive game didn't suffer any because of his focusing on defense means that the kid is a complete player right now.

Also, I'm not even talking about adding him to get this team to the WCF. This team hasn't made it to the playoffs in three freaking years. I'm talking about giving this roster a shot in the arm to help ensure they make the playoffs. If he can help beyond that then great. The conference finals though should in no way, shape, or form be where the bar is set.

I'll throw one more thing into the mix, big picture. Let's say Chiasson, R. Smith, Oleksiak, and Nemeth all start their ELC's at the same time and are thus all up at the same time. That could potentially backfire if they are all due even semi-significant raises. Staggering their ELC start times isn't necessarily a bad thing. I also think my earlier point about giving Chiasson fewer games to accumulate points before negotiating his second contract is a valid one. Like I said, one prospect one time isn't the end of the world. I'm tired of banking on the future when the present is right in front of us. I have zero doubt in my mind that Benn would see to it that Chiasson's talents don't go to waste. Wouldn't it be nice if we gave our best player a fighting chance once the playoffs start?

(FTR I think there's like a 5% chance of all of this happening)

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