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11-17-2003, 11:03 AM
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Since Brennan and Peters went at it in LA, Brennan hasn't got another game, maybe because they did the old minor league "spin" the helmets on the ice and duke it out. Maybe there isn't a place for that in this league for some of you pansies, but it sure as ***** brings entertainment to the fans. It didn't prove anything and it didn't protect our star players. But if i'm Kip Brennan and I know that AM is going to give me two shifts at best, i'm going to get me some. The bottom line is Kip Brennan knows his role, and he can be a decent player. He has the size we need to go to the front of the net, but we'll just never give him that opportunity. I'm not saying put him on the first or second line but give him that same opportunity that he's given to Sim, Pirnes, Brown, and Chartrand. Every time he steps on the ice everybody thinks he'll take the stupid penalties, which is not entirely true. I don't know how many more times we can say it, but we have a soft mentality. I've gone to most games this year, including pre-season, prospect camp, and practices. He played Brennan and Flinn, I think twice together and when I went to the Vegas game nobody wanted them. And, that's including Worrell, and Cummins. They bring presence which we need...big time! How bout' this for an idea. When semi healthy!

1.) Palffy - Army (when he gets back) - Frolov
2.) Robitaille - Stumpel (when he gets back) - Cammy
(two scoring lines, the way it should be)
3.) Avery - Belanger - Lappy
(third line - checking line...or AM's version stopper line)
4.) Brennan - Pirnes - Flinn/Sim/Brown

Our D is to pathetic to go over. Just look at our second line PP. Also soft minus Norstrom.

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