Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs lose boring game 4-1
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03-25-2012, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
IMO you have it backwards. Complaining shows people still are watching. Indifference shows people aren't watching and have stopped caring. Simply compare the Leafs board activity and Habs board activity. Leafs have been consistently brutal for 5 years now and their fans continue to watch. They complain and whine but they'll continue to watch and grasp on to anything for a little hope. Habs have been brutal for the first time in years and yet people have already stopped caring even before the season is through. People will certainly return next season but if they start off poorly again it's very likely people will stop caring even sooner than this season since it won't be something new. This is why I think the Habs will have more pressure to turn it around than the Leafs.
You know - there is a different explanation than indifference: avoidance of a painful situation. People choose to ignore the game (I actually preferred watching Roy Dupuis smashing Sean Avery's face, fake as it was) then to live the pain of a 5 on 3 where all they could do were slap shots from the blue line.

Toronto fans have been exposed to so much pain over the last years that they become resistant. They can watch their team fail and make fun of it. We have not - not yet at least.Our last few seasons, as bad as some might want to make them look, were good for the fans - tons of drama and unexpected success.

Basically - people did not stop caring - they stopped from exposing themselves to intense pain because they care too much. Torontonians can't feel the pain anymore. We might get there, though.

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