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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
If you're the kind of person who complains about your equipment being a couple pounds too heavy, you need to hit the weight room.
lol, though I can tell you I'm quite fit, I'm just saying that I can play at a higher level longer with less heavy, more mobile, and more breathable gear, and I think most people can benefit from sacrificing some "safety" for performance by buying gear that suits their performance level and the level of physicality tolerated in their league.

if I were still in the age group playing Midget AA+, Jr B+... you bet... I'd want a sternum protector for my chest, I want elbow pads and pants that protect if I get a dirty slew foot during an icing chase
but again, I would be on for 45 seconds full out... then rest for upwards of 2+ minutes till my next shift

in my experiences, pads went nuts in the 90's.. from the old coopers, to Vics, to Bauer Flak, then the Douglas beasts. The current pads I feel still limit visbility and still carry too much weight... though the lastest offerings from the Bauer TotalONE are very impressive.
Elbows went from softies to full plastic caps, to full caps with wrist and bicept protectors and double elbows caps that barely fit inside a men's XL jersey.

If these pads were designed strickly for "passive" protection, I wouldn't have a problem... but as the pads became bigger and more dangerous, they in my opinions have become weapons, and people will take more liberties in the effort of "seperating the player from the puck"

I had hespeler shoulder pads in the day, that were "pro-level" and I still ended up with a seperated shoulder from a hit from a big oaf wearing those douglas pads... in fact one of the buckles cut through his jersey and mine on the hit... what a stupid invention those pads were

just personally the jofa elbows are very restrictive, to the point where I can't extend my arm straight, but I guess its all preference..

I like loose breathable light gear, and alot of people love anatomical everything, from gloves to tight fitting vapour pant

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