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The Henrik Sedin Solution to Dangerous Play - Stiffer In-Game Penalties

Jim Jamieson (hockey writer with the Vancouver Province) interviewed Henrik Sedin in the wake of the five game suspension handed out to Duncan Keith for his flagrant elbow to the head of his brother Daniel. Henrik was not interested in commenting upon the specifics of the Keith hit and suspension but took a broader view of the situation.

Henrik believes there should be more in-game consequences for dangerous hits. In his view suspensions are not the best deterrent to curbing dangerous play. Henrik believes missing a few games isn't enough of a deterrent to change players' behaviour.
“If it's five or seven or 10 games, I don't think it matters,” said Henrik. “It's about showing respect. That's my only issue. If a guy that has no history and is supposed to be a standup guy and an honest guy, if he does something like that, it shows that it's going to happen. It doesn't matter how many games he gets. When emotions run high there's always going to be guys who step over the line. That's not going to change.”
His solution to change behaviour.
“I think the only way to get rid of it is to have tougher penalties during the game,” he said. “If you give elbows and charging and boarding and all those dangerous plays four minutes in penalties it's going to hurt the team. And that's the only way you're going to get guys to realize because hockey is a team sport and guys really feel for their teammates. If you're hurting the team, if you're losing games because of an elbow or a charging or boarding, you're going to stop doing it. If you get two games (suspension) and a two-minute penalty, it's still going to happen.”
To give effect to such changes Henrik says you have to start with re-writing the rule book.
“I think the rules have to be changed,” he said. “Right now you get a four minute penalty if your stick comes up and there's a little bit of blood on your lip. But if you run your elbow through someone's head it's two minutes. There's got to be harsher penalties in the game. You can still get two minutes for hooking or holding, but if you want to get rid of concussions and bad hits, that's the way to go.”

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