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Originally Posted by WordsOfWisdumb View Post

In the case of the NHL, all it would take is a rival league to form that allows everything except fighting. That league would raid all of the top talent from the NHL, and gain all of the new junior talent coming up. The NHL would be left with the goons.

I'd put a new league like that up against the NHL any day. You can have your fan base. I'll get the 6.9 billion people around the world that you don't have.
6.9 billon people who don't give a rat's behind about the game are suddenly magically going to get bit but the hockey bug because they remove fighting ? Fist of all hockey is extremely regional, we can get portions of this continent to support hockey (even if they have a team) and you think you can sell it to some guy in Jakarta ? Good luck on that.

Ask yourself a question, do you like the NHL ? Are you a fan of the league ? If you answer yes, you have ( for however long) been a fan of a league that allows players to self police. The notion of a pure game where beefs were not settled by players on the ice is a fairy tale perpetrated by the anti-fighting crowd.

If on the other hand, you answer " no" then what gives you the perogative to dictate how the game should be solely such that it is more palatable to you ? If you wan to do this, at least admit that your position is in the extreme minority among fans so the extent of your self-delusion is more transparent.

The NHL is, of the big 4, the most gate dependent league. Go to any game and the people who BOUGHT their own tickets ( often at considerable cost) clearly support fighting. The PA is greater than 95% behind supporting fights.

Fighting isnt going away any time soon, you can keep bemoaning it as much as you want. I think that there was a time historically when one might have had a chance to curtail fighting, but I think that shipped has sailed. There are no more bench clearers, and fighting is down compared to the 90's much the the 70's yet people still like to pretend that the sky is falling. Its not and it hasn't been for some time.

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