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03-25-2012, 01:47 PM
Tim Calhoun
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Canucks' goalie prospects with Lack and Cannata alone make gives them a decent prospect pool.

On defense there is a lot of promise. Connauton looks like a real nice prospect, and then there's Sauve and Polasek who have some potential at the pro level. McNally, Price, Tommernes, and Corrado look very intriguing and at least one of them should pan out as NHLers. McNally in particular is looking like a top prospect after a fantastic freshman year.

On forward the Canucks are crap IMO. Only three forward prospects playing in the AHL this year: Schroeder, Rodin, and Sweatt. There is some promise for all three still. Other than that, only Jensen and Labate look like good prospects.

I would rank the Canucks' top 10 like this:

1. Lack
2. Schroeder
3. Connauton
4. Jensen
5. Rodin
6. Cannata
7. McNally
8. Labate
9. Price
10. Sauve

(if Tanev and Kassian would be included, they should be #1 and #2 respectively)

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