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03-25-2012, 02:34 PM
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I'd defer to AIR on these matters, but I don't think the strength of the boot depends much on moisture as it's usually a composite material. It sounds like you're either a bigger skater or skate very frequently. My understanding is that a boot is made of materials that flex slightly with use, and like all kinds of plastic, once you flex it enough times it starts to break down and eventually loses strength.

In that case, you'd benefit from going to a higher end skate, which has stiffer materials to resist flexing and breakdown. All skates will eventually wear and become soft, but the higher end skates will last longer.

My shot in the dark about Graf is that they use thicker materials than most other skate manufacturers to achieve stiffness, which causes them to retain that stiffness better but at the expense of added weight. Just a guess, could be wrong, but I typically see Graf skates lasting longer than more modern skates while being heavier.

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