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03-25-2012, 04:10 PM
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The top 10 NBC markets in terms of ratings growth were: 1. Minneapolis/St. Paul (+70%), 2. San Antonio (+67%); 3. Dayton (+60%); 4. Kansas City (+50%); 5. Pittsburgh (+42%); 6. Baltimore (+38%); T7. New York (+33%); T7. Washington D.C. (+33%); 9. Albuquerque-Santa Fe (+29%); T10. Buffalo (+25%) T10. Knoxville (+25%); T10. Louisville (+25%)

Pure idiots at the NHL. Purest form of idiocy.

Wild are on National TV again. Shocking. Too bad they're playing the same time the Gophers are on. Against NoDak, no less. Does bettman really think the Wild will get him the ratings he wants with the two bigger hockey teams in Minnesota on?

The NFL and NBA flex key games all the time when it's late in the season. The NHL only does it if the NBA or NFL or MLB intrudes on their viewership and flexes their own game.

When was the last time Bettman said (or asked) "we're going to flex Team x vs team Y because the game will draw more interest than we predicted before the season"

Who the hell cares about Washington/Minnesota? At least nationally? Devils-Penguins should have been the prime time game.


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