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03-25-2012, 05:28 PM
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as far as Next Year Goes anyone have confirmation on players back for sure not back for sure, or maybe not back but could?

Defenseman who are gone for sure - Luke Gallant and Jonathon Harty
Defenseman as questionmarks - I see Chad Denny is listed as in his 5th year of eligibility, this surprises me is this correct?
Defenseman back - Stamler, Desnoyiers, Shutron, Kidd, Wright and Corocan

Forwards Gone For Sure - Kyle bailey, Jordan Clendenning, Jeff Lee,
Forwards question marks- Dion Campbell? Matt Fillier? Luke Lynes
Forwards back - Tyler Carroll, Chris Culligan, Shane Wiebe, Nick MacNeil, Thomas Nesbitt, Antoine House Caron, Geordie Wudrick, Daine Todd, Taylor MacDougall

Travis Fullarton is gone and Dan Lacosta has one year left.

I May have missed a player, and I could be wrong about a couple, but as you can see despite the loses UNB has a real Solid Nucleus coming back to build around and you know that group will be hungry for next season after the loss to Western. I'm Confident Dan Lacosta once Healthy can be a top notch Goaltender in the AUS but no doubt with 1 year left the search for the Next UNB # 1 Goalie starts this summer.

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