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03-25-2012, 07:04 PM
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an update

Nicklas Jensen will most likely finish the season within a week. He should at least get at look in WC-camp.

Oliver Lauridsen is breaking out in the AHL with 2 g 4 a and + 4 in his last 12 games (compared to 1 g 0 a in the first 47 games). Phantoms are still in the mix for a PO-spot, but should they fail Lauridsen will probably get the chance in camp.

In NHL Western Conference things are messy. Both Dallas and Phoenix are within the first 8, but both could miss out on PO. Dallas have a tough schedule, and Larsen is the most important player for Denmark on defence, so hopefully they will fail (sorry Dallas fans).

The dream scenario is of course that neither Dallas, Phoenix or Vancouver makes it through first round in which case we could have 5 NHL-players on the team for the first time.

That would give Denmark a chance against all the other teams, and make them favorites against Germany, Latvia and Norway.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves..

btw. Nicklas Hardt is by far the best forward from Denmark, not playing in the NHL. Mads Christensen is nr. 2.

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