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11-17-2003, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
They havn't been able to beat the Devils, even when their (arguably) two best players were out of the line up. The flyers destoried them, and Dallas sucks this year (the Oilers have more points).

They got blown out by the Habs in their first game, and have only beat teams like the Canes, Oilers and the Penguins who are going nowhere this year. They couldn't even beat the Sharks with their back up in net. Sure they had a great peroid against the kings, but it came after 2 terrible period's so they could only tie the game. So far they havn't shown any ability to beat the top teams in the league, and they've only beat the bad teams when Belfours stood on his head.

And just look at their roster. Several of their key players have already been hurt. How is this team going to compete in the playoffs against younger teams and very physical teams. They are just going to break down. Sure on paper they are very strong, but on the ice they've yet to do it.

Dead on. As well, let's not for forget that the Habs were only beaten in that second game by an errant goal that clipped off Brisebois's calf and Theodore's shoulder. A team with the talent and payroll the Leafs have shouldn't be relying on pure, simple luck to win games.

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