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03-25-2012, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
The upper bowl was deserted. It couldn't have been much more than 33% full.

The lower bowl was far less than 50% populated. How could anyone have seen this arena as 80% full (14,500)?

It's not being negative. Many teams fudge their attendance figures. I've been to 15 games this year it appears to my eye that the norm is to double the actual attendance with announced numbers. Friday night was the most overcooked number I've seen. I'm sure the organization uses some "tickets distributed" justification to account for the difference in actual and announced numbers.

The only people who know for certain are those at Nationwide and in the CBJ organization who have the exact "drop count" for the game.

It doesn't bother me. I enjoy the extra space and the $5 upper bowl and $10 lower bowl tickets. I like going to the games and believe that attendance will become respectable when (if) the team becomes competitive. But, the announced figures are farcical and have been all year.
How could you see only 6,000 people in the arena? There was easily 12,000 there, twice your number and only 3,000 less then the official numbers.

I have been to 30 games this year and not once I have felt the official numbers were that far off what I would put the attendance at.

One last thing, if the Jackets are fudging the numbers why do you care? It just makes you sound like a "Sun Belt" hating Canadian.

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