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Originally Posted by Fuelled by Passion View Post
Oh not again. Maybe on Habs forums you will find more supporters about how bad they are. I'll quote Trotz describing SK
"When we got him we heard he can't do that, can't do this he is dressing room cancer and etc. In the end we were right they were wrong we got 1-st line LW for nothing".
AK was totally mistreated in Montreal. Playing 4-th line and seeing almost none PP and benched after every little mistake he has done.
As for Rads, he has yet to prove that he is that 80+ point consistent player many are talking about. Don't get me wrong he looks very good, but let's not forget he is coming from KHL where his was a super-star. KHL is also less intense league. The speed there is slower and he hasn't play for 2 weeks before coming to Nashville. So he is obviously less tired than any other player on Nashville roster. In additional he is playing for a contract. Let's wait a season or two before making the statement how consistent he is and how many points can Radu score in full NHL season
SK is a vital part of a team and he is one of pieces of puzzle that made Nashville a better team then when Radu left. So maybe he is just worried how the things gonna work out for him when Radu and his brother joined the team.
As for AK his first full NHL season is very similar to Radu's
Ak - 26g 27a 53p +15 in 78 games
Radu - 26g 32a 58p +7 in 82 games
You never know what future will bring.

P.S I would take any of them to wear Jet's jersey or Fisher or Erat or Horny
I'm a fan of both Kostitsyns Erat and Hornqvist are great too. Also like Halischuk alot. I have several favorites on this team. Rads will be great addition too imo.

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