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Originally Posted by 1857 Howitzer View Post
How could you see only 6,000 people in the arena? There was easily 12,000 there, twice your number and only 3,000 less then the official numbers.

I have been to 30 games this year and not once I have felt the official numbers were that far off what I would put the attendance at.

One last thing, if the Jackets are fudging the numbers why do you care? It just makes you sound like a "Sun Belt" hating Canadian.
LOL at the bolded portion. I am one quarter French Canuck. And also at the 12,000 number. I could be wrong. There may have been 7000 there.

I'm just acutely aware of the rampant fudging of attendance figures. I've watched more teams fold in my life than I'd care to count and most of them announced attendances which wouldn't have resulted in their demises. The Dayton Bombers of the ECHL used to announce double what I thought were in the building. I used to get flak about saying that. After they folded, articles came out with Nutter Center official figures....actual attendance was roughly double what they were announcing. And paid attendance roughly a quarter of what they announced.

The Cincinnati Mighty Ducks were ridiculously high in their announced figures. Many of their faithful seemed to have double vision when counting and got furious when I challenged the announced numbers.

The Cincinnati Cyclones used to announce double to triple the number in the arena. Sometimes more. They were just plain silly. That team went into hibernation for two years. Now they announce actual. And do you know what's funny? A few of us attendance oriented folks are usually within 5% of the announced figure with our estimates. Estimating the Jackets attendance with any degree of confidence is no easier than guessing whom one of the Kardasians might be dating in a year.

The Jackets aren't evil because they dramatically exaggerate attendance. Most poorly attended hockey teams do this as a matter of course-from the SPHL to the NHL. Teams which don't sell out which announce actual attendance figures are few and far between.

One of the funniest things happens every year in the ECHL. Teams whose announced attendance during the regular season looks ridiculously high, all of a sudden seem to announce accurate figures come playoff time. Why? They have to pay the league $2 per attendee.

The Jackets average announced attendance this season of around 14,500 is a fiction. That's as clear as the day as long. I doubt the team has actually sold many more than 7000-8000 tickets per game and many of those are at steep discounts. The team had best get its act together on the ice and hope to the heavens that the box office numbers improve. Absurdly padded attendance figures only fool those who wish to be fooled.

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