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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
1st in conference = everything went right, awesome PP, no injuries, rest of the conference sucked

ECF = mostly Halak saving our bacon all year. We made the playoffs by the skin of our teeth in the weakest EC ever. Halak actually won 2 regular season games 1-0 that year... if he had lost one of those games we wouldn't have made it.

Some people were fooled by this but a lot weren't. I can't say I'm surprised management was because our management has sucked balls for nearly 10 years.

I voted Gainey simply because Houle had no budget, bad scouts going in, bad president and a stupid ownership group who wanted to get rid of the team while Gainey had everything going for him (best head scout hired by A.Savard, a decent team full of good young prospects, a steady stream of good young players thanks to Timmins and good luck in the 05 draft, ownership with deep pockets who gave him every freedom, his solid reputation going in, etc). Houle was worse, but Gainey did worse considering what he should/could have done.
So, Montreal finishes first in the conference and it's a joke because the rest of the conference sucks. Then they finish in the last playoff berth and it's a joke because the rest of the conference sucks. And if something went wrong in either of those seasons, like an extra loss, then they wouldn't have the same record, and may not have made the playoffs. I see. . .

Houle had no budget? Why does this myth persist? Montreal spent above league average during Houle's years.

If Houle had bad scouts, poor guy. Dealt bad cards, I suppose. Except for the fact that he's the manager and responsible for those scouts. It's not uncommon for new managers to fire scouts, so to say he had a bad staff is damning commentary about him as the manager.

I won't argue that Gainey could have done better, but the question is about who is the worst GM. There's no qualifying the answer; Houle was the worst. And there's no contest between him and Gainey.

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