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03-26-2012, 06:59 AM
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Getting that outside edge

This is the problem I've always had, with speedskating and now hockey. I just can't get a true outside edge.

In regular shoes, my feet tend to turn out - the outer area near the balls of my feet always seems to wear out first. But in skates, my feet turn in big-time. So I'm always on my inside edges.

If I really focus on it, I can get on the flat part of the blade, and hang on to the outside edge for very short periods of time. But not for very long, before my feet start to turn in again.

The coach last night said to let the skate support the ankle more, and maybe try relacing them so that they are tighter towards the toes, to keep the foot from moving as much.

What drills could I do that would really get me to get that edge? I'm thinking the glide around a circle on just the one skate would help.

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