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03-26-2012, 08:19 AM
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I don't think either our owner or our GM want to get into a stick-swinging contest on July 1st. I don't think that, in a vacuum, Nieuwendyk would have been willing to dole out big money to a guy like Brad Richards. I do think they are the type of people willing to sign a certain type of "big name" player and I think Parise would fall into that group that they'd be willing to pay for. I think what they keep reiterating is that you can't build a team through free agency and that fans shouldn't count on flashy signings for the sake of flashy signings. I think Parise is a guy whose reputation precedes him in the yeoman category to the point that he wouldn't be a flashy signing for the sake of getting a big name player.

I'm not expecting anything or getting my hopes up but if I could get into the mind of JN I think he would be happy Parise is a free agent this year and that Richards was a free agent last year.

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