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Originally Posted by frackiewicz View Post
What drills could I do that would really get me to get that edge? I'm thinking the glide around a circle on just the one skate would help.

These are what i'm using.

I've got a pretty good outside edge (starting with no ice skating experience) after seven or eight skates of about two hours a shot, I've got fairly reliable outside edges going forward. and nothing going backward. on the odd chance I grab the outside edge going in reverse, I have *no* idea where it's going to take me at the moment...but I've got less than 20 hours of use on my skates, so I kind of suck at everything going backwards.

I think most of it (at least to me it seems like most of it) is getting comfortable enough to get into a good posture and trusting your steel to bite enough to get a good lean with most things, more momentum seems to help.

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