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03-26-2012, 08:59 AM
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hey guys, i've been working on my skating for a long while now and i'm about to buy equipment and start playing in the fall

i have a question about some of the accessories

garter belts are not needed right like this if you're using compression jock pants with a velcro patch with the reebok edge socks that also have the velcro

does this make your socks secure enough to not need a garter?

also do the shin guard straps make your shin guards secure enough that you don't need shin guard tape?

also, are the pant suspenders really necessary?
do hockey pants usually slide off without the suspenders?
i'm tall (about 6'7) but not too fat (size 36 waist about) so i'm hoping i can find pants that are long enough but don't fall off.
i did research and i think i'll go with the reebok 7K in XL. i read those are good for tall and skinny (well not fat) ppl
i am going to use the 7k reebok for all my protective equipment i think

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