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03-26-2012, 09:30 AM
Kevin Danko
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I've been trying to get more explosive starts and stops, and faster foot speed which hopefully translates into "on ice speed" some of my routine includes
  • Running stairs/steps
  • Jumping from flat ground to an elevated surface (ledge or step up bench).
  • ill do a mile run at half speed and then walk about .10 of a mile, then run full speed, walk .10 of a mile, run full speed (Repeat)
  • Setting up two cones a distance apart and sprinting from one cone to another repeatedly.
  • Eating Healthy/Losing Weight ( I noticed this helped dramatically, Last Winter season i was at 230, i dropped to 210 and noticed my skating ability dramatically improved and I was winning battles), I gained back about 20 pounds in Summer and noticed I slowed down, so this winter I lost about 20 pounds again and went down to 210 and I feel I'm again skating faster.
  • Get up on your skates at starts, sort of like your running, I kind of run for like 3 steps and then go flat on my blades it gets me started quicker. (This is an on ice type)
  • Laura Stamms Power Skating YouTube Videos and Books have great information on increasing foot speed/getting faster and more balanced when skating. they have some good information about off ice training as well.

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