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Originally Posted by Schwang View Post
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. How can they promise more french speaking players? You would think the league would frown on that practice. It's discriminatory.

Anyway, people think the rivalry will be just as intense, but it won't. There are so many factors that went into that rivalry that just don't exist. There were rival beer companies involved, the rivalry between the cities has probably diminished, not to mention different rules and styles of play back then. How often do you see bench clearing brawls anymore? How often do you see players getting 150 points? It's a different time and a different game. The rivalry will be there, but it will be toned down.

I do believe it will be good for hockey to have them back. They'll have to be managed properly, of course.

I disagree. It's more of a one-way thing than it used to be. People from Q.C. still hold something against Montrealers, even though Montrealers might not feel anything towards people from Q.C. And being the small city and the underdog, Nordiques fan will mock and attack Habs fans, just like before. And now, the rival beers are replaced by media giants. So instead of publicity stunts, it will stoop to oriented "journalism" and commentary. What happens on the ice might not compare (or maybe it will, who knows), but what happens off the ice will be a thousand times bigger.

It actually already makes me a little sick to think TVA will be involved. We'll have Star Académie losers (I'd prefer the rejections, it would be fun) singing the national anthem. Makes me feel like booing my own national anthem...

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