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Originally Posted by mnwildgophers View Post
Get outta here Negative Nancy.

It could happen, but maybe we get #2 overall and have a great shot at winning the lottery. Columbus only has a 25% chance to win the lottery, doesn't that seem a little low? Also, I can't ever seem to remember, but someone always "wins" the lottery right? I mean the percentages add up to 100%, so that's what I would think. Those odds seem low for a team that had to endure a tough year like Columbus has, but I get not wanting teams to tank.
Columbus has a 25% chance of "winning" the lottery, but remember, if anyone 6th or later wins the lottery, Columbus gets the same result. The only way the last place team doesn't "win" is if a team in 2nd-5th wins. It calculates out to about 48.2% chance Columbus picks 1st.

Edit: typed 4th when I meant 5th...

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