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03-26-2012, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by hockey jockey View Post
Besides Leblanc, who is tall but on the light side there are not very many of these NB kids who are very big.Still early to write someone off because of size these kids are 14 and should still grow, Jacob is not a very big player and is similar to Towers in skill do you think his size will hold him back ?I think Belic from Moncton is a big kid that will do well in Midget next year.
Yeah that is a good question, but what do you consider big? Some of these guys are a decent size in my book:
(estimates for both ht and wt)
Deschenes - 5'11" - 180lbs
Comeau - 6'+ - 150lbs
Hachey - 6'+ - 160lbs
Vance - 5'10" last fall
Paul - 5'8"+ last fall
Thompson - 5'9" last fall
Scott - 5'10"+ 150lbs
Robinson - 5'10"+ 160lbs
Belec - 5'10" - 160lbs
Tompkins - 5'9" - 160lbs
Leblanc - 5'10" + - 150lbs
Jacob - 5'6" - 140lbs
Adams - 5'7" - 160 - 165lbs
Buck - 5'10" - 160lbs

Again, just guesses, but I bet I'm pretty close on them all.

Belec will likely make the Moncton team next year, but they have a bunch of returners so the 97's here are in tough. I would expect he and Jacob to make it though. I think Jacob is the only one that played any games with them as an affiliate, but that isn't always an indicator anyway.

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