Thread: Confirmed with Link: Reilly Smith signed to ELC, assigned to Dallas
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03-26-2012, 10:45 AM
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One last thing piqued, this is what I was asking you to do:

Project the 2014-15 Cap Situation

Smith ($4.0)-Benn ($6.0)-Chiasson ($0.9)
Eriksson ($4.25)-Ribeiro ($5.0)-Ryder ($5.0)
Morrow ($4.0)-Ott ($3.0)-Vincour ($2.0)
Player ($1.0)-Player ($1.0)-Glennie ($2.0)
Player ($1.0)-Player ($1.0)

Goligoski ($4.6) - Larsen ($5.0)
Oleksiak ($1.4) - Daley ($3.3)
Nemeth ($0.9) - Player ($3.0)
Player ($1.0)

Lehtonen ($7.0)
Campbell ($1.37)

IMO ... I've gone as over the top on salary projections as possible ... and I still come to $67.72 million in payroll.

The names don't even matter. Larsen doesn't become a #2? Oh well, you can be sure they'll shop for one and you could combine my extremely overpriced 6th D at $3 with Larsen's $5 and pay a guy in free agency. Then you go with a modest salary for the 6th (possibly Larsen). Potential top free agent D is covered.

Do you guy's want Parise? I think we can all agree that Ryder and Parise both would not be on the roster in 2014-15. Plus, I'm not sure Morrow will be, and there is almost no way he's making $4 million. So, that seems to cover spending top dollar for a top free agent forward.

$7 million to Lehtonen covers the possibility of re-signing Kari or for some strange reason going to UFA and picking up a guy.

$8 million between Reilly Smith, Tomas Vincour, and Scott Glennie? Let's just say doubtful.

So, I think I've more than covered for adding a #1 D salary, 1st line forward salary, and starting goaltender without getting skimpy on other salaries.

The point in this exercise is you might not be able to predict the names, but you make a reasonable effort to project salary based on positions. Even if Dallas is paying top, top dollar to fill every hole, there seems to be no reasonable financial issue with Reilly having an inflated salary for 1 season.

Most reasonable estimates have the cap at $60 million next season. Unless it's unreasonable to assume the cap will rise at least around $3 or $4 million a year, I think everything will work out fine. From 2005 to now, the cap has gone up over $30 million. Hopefully the new CBA will pull back on the rapid cap growth, but even a $64 or $65 million cap would be manageable.

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